Short-Haired Summer Solutions:Fight the Frizz!

Short hair is becoming much more fashionable these days. You see it out in the streets and on the runways of London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo and New York. Whereas a lioness mane of long hair was the norm a few years ago, more and more often you will see a pixie, a shag, a bob, a lob, to name just a few short hair styles. The styles were great for Spring- but what happens when summer hits? Your hair can get fluffy, frizzy and ends split. In a word your lovely short hair can begin to look tired and uncool. Your friends with long hair can simply have a side braid or top-knot or some other temporary device to get their hair off of their necks.
Tim Rogers is a hairstylist at the Sally Hershberger Salon in New York, creative director for Living Proof, and short-hair expert. He has worked with Linda Evangelista, Carey Mulligan, and Kate Moss to name a few. He gave advice on what to avoid and what to seek out to help you through a hot summer (or a holiday in a hot climate).
You should avoid products with silicones and oils. It may seem that weighing down your hair will give you more control but the reality is that oil and silicone are porous to humidity, so they may not be the things to fight the frizz. Instead he recommends Living Proof’s PHD Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment. It works so well because it has OFPMA, which is a combination of two molecules that smooths frizz and enhances a lustrous shine. There’s an added benefit; unlike de-frizzers that rely on silicones, it won’t turn fine hair greasy the next day— which is often an unwanted fall-out from a de-frizzer. Another tip is to avoid thing to water. Water is one of the more common base ingredients in hair products, but anything with a high water content isn’t going to be particularly effective against frizz
Another common summer trick to make yourself cooler is to get your hair off of your face, such as by using a headband or barrette. But they can look a little too sweet and nerdy. Try a thin double-stranded headband or a head wrap that covers the tops of your ears. A good quality one of either can look really stylish and cool.
You should also wash your hair every day. It’s a good idea to start out the day with nice clean hair because you’re going to get more control that way, and it will be easier to layer in your hair products.
Finally, a suggestion. Go see the seminal Robert Palmer Addicted to Love video with the red-lipped black-haired girls playing the instruments accompanying him. Slicked-back hair is still a great look. Your hair looks wet, but isn’t- but you don’t want it to be crunchy and stiff. The solution recommended is to smooth a generous amount of Shu Uemura Art of Hair Fiber Lift gel through your hair and comb it back. That’s all you need to do except perhaps get some of that iconic ultra-red lipstick from the video!